China 2105 – Labrang Monastery: THE GIANT THANGKA

Giant Thangka with crowdgiant-Thangka-series-b_1020798.jpggiant-Thangka-series-c_1020800.jpggiant-Thangka-series-d_1020809.jpggiant-Thangka-series-e.jpggiant-Thangka-series-f_.jpggiant-Thangka-series-g_1020852.jpggiant-Thangka-series-h_.jpgCarrying the blessed Thangka off to the Monasterygiant-Thangka-series-a.jpgMonks and the Buddhagiant-Thangka-series-c_1020800.jpgProcess of covering the ThangkaSecuring the closureThe lowering of the Thagka beginsNearly loweredThe last sighting of the silkgiant-Thangka-series-I.jpg


The giant (heavy) hand appliquéd thangka is displayed on the hillside every Losar.

It is blessed, then shielded by its massive silk veil, lowered down the hillside into a tidy roll, and carried off to the Monastery where it will remain for another year.

The Labrang Monastery is the only significant monastery left, including the Potala Palace, that is NOT run by the Chinese government.