Tibetan China 2005-2007

Amdo - Semi nomadic Tibetan herders (grandfather with granddaughter) Gansu Province, PRCKham - The old ways and the new. Hongpo Village, Yunnan Province, PRCAmdo - Agricultural Tibetan winnowing, Sichuan Province, PRCAmdo - Padmatso with her Great Grandmother, who lived through the Cultural Revolution.Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Rock work at Kunbum, Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Yack on the loose. Sichuan Province, PRCAmdo - The beautiful nun at Tawa Gangma Nunnery, Labrang Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - The burden basket. Agricultural Tibetan.  Sichuan Province, Amdo, PRCAmdo - Proud mother (notice the mud on the babys head). Gansu Province,PRCAmdo - Tibetan herdswoman. Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Yack dung patties. Fudi Village, Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Kunbum Monastery, Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Lay practitioner's prayer wheel. Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Samtsoyge in Fudi Village, Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - The youngest nun. Tawa Gangma Nunnery, Labrang Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Liberated girls.  Fudi Village, Gansu Province, PRCAmdo - Water carriers. Labrang Monastery, Gansu Province, PRCKham - The window. Hongpo Village, Yunnan Province, PRC

Within the political boundaries of Peoples Republic of China is a historically Tibetan dominated world.

The regions of Amdo and Kham, once two of the three Tibetan states (Utsang, the third is now what we call Tibet)

are home to traditional Tibetan people, Amdo being the birth place of His Holiness, the fourteen Dalai Lama.

I was fortunate to visit in 2005, for by 2007, the second time I went there, plastic and money had replaced the yak and sheep hair bags and self sufficient economy.