Clothing and more

Well, I am still working on getting the correct clothing, and keeping my luggage manageable. Gotta say shopping online is tedious, and so touch and go.  Have had to send so much back because I got the wrong size FOR THAT PARTICULAR SHOP.  It is definitely not standardized.

Now I am looking at woolen trousers.  Seems like the right thing, with a rain/windproof pant to wear as needed.  Pendelton may be the place to look!

So, what I have are my fabulous coat, silk long johns, cashmere sweater, fleece, turtle necks, mittens, woolen hat, undies, silk sock liners.

Plan to get woolen long johns, boots, those little hunters’ heater dealies, sleeping bag.  I have been advised by my pal, Mr. Williams, that it might be better to use regular boots sized to accommodate thick woolen socks over silk liners.  Better for walking than the sorrel type boot with the felt.

I probably should think about goggle style sun glasses, too.  What else? what else?

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