Fine Art

MAKING FRIENDS WITH THE ENEMY Chinese Guanyin   (platinum palladium print)DEALING WITH ONE'S DEMONS  Tibetan Mask (the devourer), Vajra, Sacred Conch   (platinum palladium print)SERENITY Japanese Buddha   (platinum palladium print)LUMINESCENCE  miscellaneous spiritual objects   (platinum palladium print)VIGILENCE  Chinese Cloisonné Rooster and Embroidered Boy's Jacket   (platinum palladium print)Wooden Buddha face    (platinum palladium print)SUBLIME PEACE  Burmese Marble Buddha face   (platinum palladium print)Stone Buddha face   (platinum palladium print)PROFOUND ENERGY  Ancient carved conch Shell from Himalayas   (platinum palladium print)Japanese Bronze Cicada on Gold Shawl   (platinum palladium print)BLISS  Gild Burmese Buddha and ancient Liu Mask Live flowers   (platinum palladium print)BOUNDARIES  Chinese Cricket Cage and Hydrangea   (platinum palladium print)WITNESS Egyptian statue and Death Mask   (platinum palladium print)TOOLS OF ENLIGHTENMENT  Tibetan Yak Butter Lamp, Vajra and Sacred Shell   (platinum palladium print)PASSAGE  Painted Wood Egyption Coffin fragment, Egyprian Wooden Death Mask   (platinum palladium print)YIN YANG Indian Deva and Burmese Buddha (platinum palladium print)DO NO HARM abstraction. Carved wood figures. Unknown provenance   (platinum palladium print)CONTENTMENT Carved Chinese Ivory heads and Primitive Thai figures   (platinum palladium print)


One-of-a-kind prints, hand coated by the artist with platinum/palladium solution on 11 X 15 inch premium archival Arches Platine paper.  This is a 100% cotton, water color paper with natural deckle edges that has been made in the same mill in France since 1492.  The images vary in size and have a dark irregular edging showing the brush strokes.